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natural environment

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chanvre environnement scaled

natural environment

Hemp can impact on all aspects of society

Local and organic

Hemp is a very vivacious plant that can grow all over the world. Our hemp seeds come from the neighbouring regions of France.

It does not require herbicides or pesticides and needs little water amount. Furthermore, hemp restores the soil and controls its erosion through its roots.

carbon positive and support biodiversity

Hemp absorbs four times more CO2 than trees and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Contrary to most large monocultures of grain crops, hemp can actively contribute to biodiversity.


Each part of the hemp plant is a rich source of raw materials. The stalk owns one of the longest and strongest natural fibers, excellent to make textiles and other industrial products.

The woody core contains close to 30% cellulose that can be used for paper and building material. The seeds are the raw materials of a wide range of products from foods, personal hygiene to technical products such as oil paints, varnishes, and fuel.

It is estimated that there are more than 50’000 industrial uses of this plant.